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Commitments… My Commitments are greater than…

Can you finish the sentence? If so, you have been around me for awhile I would guess. My commitments are greater than MY FEELINGS AT THIS MOMENT.

It’s not mine. But just like every great saying has a great start, it usually means it doesn’t have an end. Dr. Ben Lerner, the chiropractor who has led our group of professionals (Maximized Living), was the first person who I heard speak this phrase. But I doubt he was the first to utter it.

What does it mean? Well the obvious, is that you must deny yourself for yourself and others. The not so obvious, is that you will accomplish great things, greater things than you could ever anticipate, if you are committed. I am a commitment kind of guy, I like to have lots going on in my life, and to feel wholly committed to all of those things. I believe legacy is one thing that drives me beyond others. I want to leave a wake of change behind me, where more people are experiencing new life, than I would have ever hoped looking back 15 years.

But these kinds of commitments are easier to make than the ones that we should all start with. Personal, Health, Discipline. Making the wise choice when sitting down to eat, or when choosing to get up to go work out, or to hit snooze. Sometimes the snooze button makes sense, but not with respect to you making sure you are getting all the things done in life that you have committed to getting done in life! In those cases, add time to the front side of your night of sleep, not the back side.

My commitments are greater than my feelings in this moment. This phrase could save a marriage. It could lose 100 lbs. It could take a man from crippled to walking and beyond. It is a boundless statement that will alter your life if uttered JUST often enough. As we pull back from life, long enough to consider the monotonous life of our culture, with TV and commuting. We see the sad existence that Bruce Wilkinson (author of the Prayer of Jabez) prtrayed in his book, The Dream Giver.

In The Dream Giver, not only is the average cultural life painted in monotony, but those who choose to try to break free from it are throttled with insults and negative feedback. “Why would you want to change, we are perfectly fine doing nothing”. This is the life that you envisioned as a child? Then dump it, my commitments are greater than my feelings at this moment. Be committed, to passion and impact on this world.

So my simple conclusion, is that the use of this statement can alter every part of your life. Just start slow, and let it grow! Happy day to you and yours! Be well, Be Blessed, Dr. E

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