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Coming Up at HealthSprout

As we come to the close of Detox month, we will be launching two webinars for your educational pleasure.  The first is the BIA Transformation Webinar.  This is for anyone who has done a BIA test, or wants to do a BIA test to determine your cellular health, fluid distribution and body mass.  This test is an awesome way to track your progress towards greater health from your exercise and dietary efforts.  It also gives us some inference into your nervous system function.

The BIA test costs $15, it is included in the hair analysis that we do, and thus many of you have recently done these tests.  If you are interested in getting one done, the webinar will be hosted online constantly, so that you can review your results anytime.  To be tested just schedule it at the front desk for a morning when you are available, and don’t mind not eating before coming in to be tested.

The next webinar is the workshop for the hair mineral analysis, TOXIC BODY testing.  This one will review what we were looking for, what we found, how to interpret that information, and what to do next.  This is pretty serious stuff, as we are seeing risk for future diseases in a way that is really spelled out.  If you did the toxic testing, this is a necessary webinar!

Next – of course we have next Monday’s Luau, that is coming up this very next Monday, April 30th.  In the AM we will be serving some eggs for your enjoyment… Luau eggs with pineapple.  Yeah, really tasty, and though you might think it sounds weird, it will be good!  The afternoon we will be serving hot dogs.  Our goal is to make sure that anyone and everyone can taste the dogs, so we will probably be serving half dogs to everyone.  We’ll make guesses on who is coming, so if you are, please tell us so that we know you are on the schedule!

REMEMBER – this is a Healthy Spine Day – $25 for anyone and everyone to come get their spines checked, scanned, and x-rayed if necessary.  Invite a friend, this will be a great day to get a health focus!

NEXT – May, we are doing a 20 Day – Supercharge Your Health Challenge!  This is a $20 participant cost, and we recommend you have the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book in our office (The Green Book – $25), for the challenge. We will have Workshop one on Monday night May 7th, Tuesday Night May 15th at Riverstone Church at 6pm with Dr. Jockers, and back in office on Monday night May 21st.  In office times are 6:45pm.   This will be covering diet and pH issues.  Learn acidity vs alkalinity, and how to alter your pH!  Anyone who struggles with chronic internal issues such as digestive issues, kidney or gall stones, bloating, need to be sure they make this challenge!

MOVIE NIGHT – Coming off the detox month, I want to promote awareness of the Autism problem.  With the new numbers being released, and an understanding of the true epidemic proportions of this problem, I will write a Daily Sprout about it tying into a movie night where we will show the AMAZING and POWERFUL documentary, “The Greater Good”.  Look for the date announcement really soon!

We’ll be wrapping up our Spring with a CrossFit promotion, allowing everyone a chance to get a taste of CrossFit the last week of May.  What better way to start the summer than to introduce your kids to a CrossFit kids class, and yourself to a full on CrossFit class!  This will be publicized so you can schedule yourself as needed.  We know that the end of school is a BUSY, BUSY time, so we’ll be giving you opportunities into June to get your fitness life in order!

CLOSING – coming off of Detox month, many of you have come to enjoy the hydration and energy effect of drinking regular Suero-viv.  The stuff is awesome at energy replenishment and recovery.  I recommend that you continue consuming at least three a week if not one daily.  Utilize them post energy, and as the bridge between meals.  They can help provide satiation for long periods without food.  And with the new Suero-Gold (no flavor, to be added to other drinks – thus high potency) and Suero-Viv Green (with wheat grass and carrot juice) there is a flavor for everyone.

Thanks for being so committed to your health, and be sure to take advantage of what we are offering.  THIS is how you stay committed…  You stay engaged!  God bless all of you, thank you for your most humbling birthday wishes.  Turning 40 has been an absolute blessing because of all of you! – Dr. E

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