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Coconut Oil, Almond Butter Joy!

After listening to Dr. Josh Axe speak at the office the other day, I recalled a gem of a dessert that I have made recently, that is divine, and if done just right is Advanced Plan approved.  And when not on the advanced plan you can up the taste just a bit, and add some other healthy options to make it oh so good!

If you are in the office reading the print version, be sure to go online and watch the video associated with this Daily Sprout.  It will give you a good idea as to how to make this lovely snack, that is full of healthy nutrition, and energy!  So before I get into the details, you need to realize that if you are reading/watching this without having an understanding of the high fat (healthy fat) and low carbohydrate (stay away from the sugar and grains that readily turn to sugar) diet that has healed so many, you will have a deep internal battle with this!

Coconut is perhaps the most valuable source of fat around.  The CLA (conjugate linoleic acid) levels are very high, and this fat has been shown to have near miraculous effect on people with certain conditions including alzheithmers, and to induce weight loss simply by adding it to the diet according to some studies.  Have you heard the term “heart healthy fat”?  Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fat, which when combined with the healthy saturated fats in coconut oil, have an awesome impact on your overall health.

The dessert is this:  1 scoop of Almond butter (Raw please), and 1 scoop of Coconut oil (organic please), and 1/2 a bar of Beyond Organic Chocolate.  Yep, real simple, not much to it, just great enjoyable health.

The Beyond Organic Chocolate bar is a small bar loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids via Flax Seeds, and a large amount of healthy antioxidant from the dark chocolate.   The dessert is perfect!  Just mix the coconut oil with the almond butter, and break the chocolate up into bite sized pieces, a quick stir, and you are loving life!

If you want to keep it perfectly in line with the Advanced Plan – get yourself some Stevia Bark (you can make this if you own the Max Living Nutrition Plans book).  This will keep you smiling many days and the bark has no sugar thanks to that magnificent stevia plant!

Why?  Why go through this trouble when the candy bar is right around the corner, and so much easier and cheaper.  Because your life and health matters.  This is heart disease, cancer and diabetes prevention all rolled into one.  Total Food Makeover on Monday night, September 24th at 6:45pm.

Too busy?  Your kids baseball games won’t prevent you from deadly disease.  At some point you need to make a choice.

Be well, follow the truth, and be blessed!  – Dr. E

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