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CNN Health: School Lunches

The article, entitled “She ate 162 School Lunches — and blogged it”, is all about the disaster of our government feeding system.  It is set in a Mid-west town, with nothing but garbage lunches.  The article is enlightening, but not inspiring.

(CNN)After a year of eating school lunches, Mrs. Q survived to blog about it.

She works at an urban school in the Midwest, where she ate bagel dogs (yes, that’s an entree), yellowish meatloaf and chicken tenders, which she likened to “squirts of chicken foam.”

With spork in hand, her mission was to chronicle the $3 school lunches on her blog, Fed Up With Lunch. Every afternoon, Mrs. Q — who asked to remain anonymous out of concern for her job — photographed the lumps on her orange school lunch tray, and shared her observations about the food and how it affected students.

In light of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and our favorite show at the office movie, Food Inc; it is time that this lunch situation changed.  Allowing soda in schools seems awfully bad, but equally as bad, are the toxic meals, that might even look healthy, to the untrained eye.  Most school lunches are absolute garbage… and then you have school’s that have lunch-room managers like my patient Tonya.  She has been featured for her Farmer Fran, which has been succesful in reaching kids where they are, and appealing to them to eat vegetables.

It is a sad situation that we are in.  Most people whom we consult, will tell us that they have a good diet (when they come in), then when we push a little further, we realize they don’t know a good diet.  The assumption is that lots of bread is very healthy, that blueberry cereal bars are made of blueberries, and that fats should be avoided at all costs.

We offer our Body By God 40-Day Challenge for a reason.  That reason is that everyone needs help, everyone needs support.  I hope that those who missed Food Inc, will make arrangements to see that movie… and if you have not signed up for Body By God, you will do the same for that.

It is painful to know what is right, and see people doing all wrong.  We want to alleviate our pain, as we do the same for you!

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