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CityFest… Making Cherokee Great Again!

I couldn’t help it!  Though I don’t see a need to make Cherokee great “AGAIN”, as I feel like it is great, and we are just striving to make it better.    Cityfest is happening on September 30th, in downtown Woodstock, in city park and on the amphitheater stage!  I have reserved the amphitheater, and now we have a great line up of Christian musicians, playing both Christian and secular music, it will be good times.  Inflatables for the kids to play on, and food for everybody.

The idea is that we are bringing ten charities, five who will receive a share of the revenues, and five who will simply be there to increase their human resource, and donations from attendees.  I divided it so that my top five are actively doing something for Cherokee county… in Cherokee county.  And my bottom five could be, or might not be working directly in Cherokee, but through their work, there is still a value to Cherokee County.

CityFest – bringing people together to improve community through charity.

$10 to come watch an incredible lineup of bands including these guys – Inside Out Band featuring Seth Condrey with a song that is top 22 on the Billboard Christian charts.  Cool thing is you can see Seth in my office every week if you just time it right.    I hope you will pencil in the September 30th date, especially in the later afternoon and evening.  Kids will pay $15 for a band good for unlimited bouncing on the inflatables, or $5 for access to the smaller kid bounce houses.  Basically, a small price for a great event, and hopes of raising $25k in the first year, enough to be significant!

I was asked why I am doing this.  Well, a friend and patient who has since moved further into the North GA mountains, so that I no longer see him… Michael Layman… planted the seed several years ago.  I saw the value, but I did not see the path.  The completion of the amphitheater, and the vessel to channel the start money both came together at the same time.  That vessel is the development happening around HealthSprout… Adair Park.  Adair by the way, means fortunate and powerful… strong and blessed… a great example of what I think we all have in us.  Blessing and power.

So the need… why do we need to raise money for charity?  It is an obvious answer, but the reality is that as the county grows, the need goes up.  The need to connect people to great opportunities to give of yourself, to give of your resources… it is one of the things that makes us better at everything.  We are so whimsical in our confidence about what we are doing that is good for the world.  To regularly give of oneself to help others is one of the most satisfying, and anchoring… anchoring of your confidence in the good that you bring… one of the most anchoring things we can do.

So I have these organizations that it appears as though we are set with, as top five recipients.

Hope Quest (Addiction recovery – ) Kids Bible Clubs Ministries (Support for At Risk Children – ) Cherokee FOCUS (Improve Lives of Families – ) Goshen Valley (Foster care for children – ) – waiting for confirmation Forever Fed (Mobile food ministry – )

Check them out, spread the news.  We will have a great time, and great music!  Beth Bacall is a friend who graciously has offered to give of her time to be our MC that date, she is an afternoon DJ on the Fish, and will be a great person to have on board.  Who else can you think of that needs to be part of this?  Let me know!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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