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Church – The new site for Flu Shots?

You might have seen this on our Facebook Page recently.  The article was published on Mercola’s website earlier this week, and it is nothing less than shocking.  The meat of the article is that there was recently a call that was sponsored by the CDC and HHS department in conjunction with the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

The call was first of all listed as “off the record” and “not for public purposes”.  That alone brings up the conspicuous meter pretty high.  So the call was published on the HHS web site however, so some outsiders were able to get on this call, and listen in to the material that was being shared.  The focus of the call, was to get faith based organizations, to sponsor flu clinics with Walgreens.

So the government, is funding efforts to convince your local church, to hold a flu clinic (flu shots, forget about opinion, but line up and get the jab).

From the article:

Zeroing in on minorities, particularly older adults, blacks and Latinos, health officials said churches, mosques and schools are places where barriers to vaccinations can be taken down, and these minorities can be convinced to get vaccinated. Besides hosting flu shot clinics, churches can also help by putting reminders in their bulletins, and by church members personally reminding others to get their shots, officials said.

They even went so far as to encourage the churches to pay people’s insurance co-pays so they’d be more inclined to get the shots. For those who simply can’t pay anything, there’ll be 300,000 free shots given out as part of the flu vaccine crusade.

The point that I want to make about this article, is that this is completely opposite of what the church role should be.  The church should be the organization that is preaching what I am preaching.  Why would a church be the leader in telling you that your body is too weak, that you were made weak and in need of a chemical?  That God did not give you what you need to handle an influenza virus if you live under His guidelines?

We started an organization two years ago, “Open Box Health: Letting God out of the Box when it comes to your health”.  The point of the organization was to lead people into lifestyle changes and guide them towards health through healthy living and understanding the power of the nervous system when it is given an opportunity to be powerful!  The group has never fully gotten off the ground, partly because the idea is fantastic, but culture pounds that idea into the dirt.  Everywhere you turn there is a cultural message telling you that you are weak, that you are in need of a drug, or that you should live in fear.

So as we see the White House pushing that message, and trying to push it through the very people who should be building your confidence up.  It concerns me… for two reasons.  Obviously I don’t want the very people who are supposed to be building you up, tearing you down.  But I also wonder, what happens to the message in general.  The message that God has a plan for you, that He cares about you, and that He watches over you.  On one hand, you are told that there is no place for worry or stress, and then a moment later, you are told that you had better, or you might.  The two don’t mix.

Check out the full message on… it is worth it.  Love – Dr. E   :)

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