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Christmas time is time to think about the future…

The New Year is upon us.  There is no time to waste, because the opportunity to “start fresh” is here.  We just completed a 60 day turnaround, and we are about to start another (January 22nd).  I strongly recommend you come to this one.  Monday nights for 60 days… and we will surely help you change the world.  We have a great option, $300 for the two months, comes with UNLIMITED coached workout classes at CrossFit Bridgemill.  You save $175 over retail value in this package…. and you get change.  Promise.

So, the reality is that I am not writing about that kind of change today.  Today I write about the kind of change the fixes your eyes on something huge… something so big that you cannot help but be moved.  And the thing that HAS to move you, is you.  I can surely motivate a person, it is my greatest gift I believe.  But to motivate you is not enough; to MOVE, is your own deal.

I prayed over my good friend and long time patient, Sabina Mazac this Wednesday morning.  She came to me four years ago with a concern, a concern that together we helped get to the point of understanding the diagnosis.  She then went on to a cancer coach to help her fight this, and now she is receiving comfort care for horrific pain.  She has not at all lost the battle with cancer, as she has actually reduced many tumors.  A fighter for sure.  But she has currently lost the battle with pain, and this battle can be just as deadly as the one with the cancer.   One tumor is causing so much pain, that she cannot stand to not be medicated right now.

My prayers were prayers of motivation, and will.  Asking God to provide the motivation to stay above this pain, and for healing from the pain. Just the pain for now is all we need (a full on healing would be great too of course, but really, pain relief would be enough to get her own spirit up to the fighting level that she normally has).  So, in a world where a dose of motivation could be life saving, and surely can be life altering.  We should be setting ourselves up for success.

“What do I really need to change in 2018, that I could leverage January 1st, to create a positive focus on?”

This is the time.  Motivation comes cheap in January.  Seriously, think about the difference of a January goal, vs. an October goal that seems out of reach.  Motivation is cheap in January, so are you buying??

The demasculinization of man, it has become one of my constants.  One of the reasons I believe man is less of a man, is because he fails to set goals for all of his life.  We might be quick to set goals for productivity, or production… but slow to set goals for family leadership, or time as a Godly man.  So when I talk about the weakness of man, I don’t always mean pick up a sword… I also mean be willing to lay it down long enough to show how rooted you are.  But then, go back and pick up the sword.    Man should be full of passion, and fire.

But woman… you too are to be that on fire mission driven person.  You were given a passion to see all that happens around you, be better.  All things are better with a woman who is fired up behind it.  You too should be seeking the low hanging fruit of January goal setting.  Planning with purpose.

So as we take the next 17 days to get to Christmas, and then only 7 more from there to step into life change for 2018.  I would beg of you to take some time this weekend to begin setting a group of goals in motion, so that you might have them fully identified by early January.  Together we will not only change the way the world perceives health.  We will also change the world.

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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