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Celery – ORGANIC or none

There are many of you who will never come to a total food makeover, or a Body By God Challenge which makes it pretty hard for me to tell you as much as I would like about healthy eating, but as we leak little tidbits to you, I realize there is one area that we haven’t shared in a while… the SERIOUS nature of the Dirty Dozen!

The dirty dozen is a list compiled by The Environmental Working Group of the twelve most important foods to eat organic.  Topping this list is celery, followed by peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach, kale, cherries, potatoes, grapes (imported).  In this list there are some foods that are still very difficult to find organic (I have only found organic kale at Harry’s), or very expensive to find organic (all of the fruit on this list except for apples carry a significant premium).

However, celery, is neither of those.  It is both easy, and cheap to find organic celery, and it is the WORST offender.  What if you simply wash your non-organic celery?  Well, what is ON the foods is not the issue, the problem is what is IN the foods!  The root system is the most important aspect of how these foods are contaminated. 

Celery has one of the most adept systems of xylem and phloem out there (the transport system that moves food up and down trunks of trees and plants), allowing it to very easily absorb any pesticide in the ground, and transport it throughout the plant.  It really is a perfect means of delivering ground poison into your body!

So next time you are out eating chicken wings (which done correctly are perfectly fine for the healing diet), DO NOT eat the celery!  Unless of course you can guarantee it is organic!  Hope this helps you on your pursuit of health, God Bless!

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