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Candy to Troops!

It is not good for you.  It is bad for you.  It is actually somewhat deadly for you.  So I have had about four pieces of candy.  I hate the “candy” stuff.  But the chocolate… you know how you have these memories from your childhood, eating Snickers, drinking soda (pop where I come from).  Hard to deny those desires to have a little nostalgia.  But it is all coming to an end quick.  One more and I think I am done for another year.

Some of you are shocked I am sure.  “Oh my, how could you!?”  Well, it is easy.  Listen to me speak to you, nobody is perfect, nor should they hold themselves out to be.  That is me too!!  I will tell you that you should never have a trans fat… though I just did.  And that you should never have high fructose corn syrup… however… check!

You see, even though the truth is you should never.  None of these are God’s laws, and I would first say you should follow all of those… yet I think I lied to my daughter Ansley today.  We were mentioning Christmas, and I held out the notion that Santa Clause is real.  So you might think that is ok, right.  No harm.  Well, it is actually a lie, to a person, which is a direct violation of God’s law.  So honestly, I think that is worse than eating the piece of candy.  But what if I keep eating the candy?

You see, everything in moderation is wrong.  Though everything bad in very, very low moderation is acceptable.  The bar must be drawn to understand what acceptable moderation is.  Is it Chick-fil-A once a week, or once a year?  You see I don’t ever eat there, or McDonald’s, or Burger King, etc.  You might say, well wait a minute, if you eat a candy bar, then why not eat at McDonald’s.  And the answer is a simple two part answer, 1. Because McDonald’s does not offer a taste that is a unique nostalgia, a moment of memory and awesomeness all at once (where to me a Snickers does), and 2. Because I have evidence that McDonald’s has actually tried to seduce children into their fold with their marketing efforts, where I have not seen that from the Mars Candy Company.

So what about NOW though?  Let’s get back to this.  We are two days after, and the candy bag is huge (my kids had none on Tuesday by the way).  What to do?  Well, at my house, we are going to select a few more pieces each (which will be consumed by the kids over the next two weeks or never perhaps), then donate the rest to the troops (you can do that at my office right now).  Sending candy to be divided up by more than a platoon of troops, is awesome.  They’ll get a few pieces each, and that is it.  No real damage, yet the feeling of love.

If you or your family, continued to eat candy every day or so, until the whole bag was gone, well… you had better come to my reversing diabetes talk next Monday at 11:45am.  You are going to need it.

So please, bring your candy in, and we’ll turn it into the US Marines overseas who are seeing active duty in possible combat situations, and we will send a note saying we love them.  In addition, if you choose to join the Pantry Diaries, I will ask you to donate some bad food from your pantry.  That food, which I don’t want you to eat, can possibly sustain someone who is starving, and we will give it to a local food pantry for the homeless.  So please, sign up now!  And thanks for not judging me too harshly for the couple fun size candy bars!

Oh yeah, what is up with calling them fun size?  Maybe they do have a kid marketing campaign worth avoiding!

Be well, be insulin responsive!  God Bless – Dr. E

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