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Cancer Killers… The Book, The Workshop, The Life.

I wasn’t sure what I expected before reading “Cancer Killers” by Charlie Majors and Ben Lerner (both DC’s who are leaders in Maximized Living.  I know I wasn’t expecting to be entertained, or enlightened.  I figured I was going to be reading the same old story, re-written a different way.

Now mind you, this did not take away my recommendation to have others read it, nor was my desire to read it lessened.  I just assumed I would be familiar with all from within, but it would be wise for me to be able to help someone else understand its value.  But now, after reading it… I want every single one of you to read it, and I want all of my surviving cancer patients from the past to read it (I thought of about 2 dozen while reading it today).

Dr. Majors has been a leader in the Maximized Living movement for a decade.  When he first grew his Chicago area practice to 1,500 visits, then eventually towards 2,000, he caught all of our attention.  He is a passionate guy, confident and inspired to do well by way of man, but more by way of God.  When we first heard of his brain tumor, it was an incredible shock.  Of course, we always say “you never know”, but we also always say “this is the best way to safeguard”.  So we assume one of our chiropractors, would almost be immune… almost.

Dr. Charlie’s story is a fantastic one.  I won’t give you the complete details, because you need to read it to appreciate it.  But I will tell you this, the middle of the book is everything we teach to all of you, and they label it the “Don’t Get It Plan”.  But it outlines it so well, that if you read it, you will be five times more likely to be on the “plan”, than if you just listen to what we spout once and awhile.  On the outside of the book, you have more of the “this is how we cure it once you have it” information.

I thought I knew his story… but as soon as I realized that his operation was nothing but a realization that he couldn’t be operated on, then I knew it was good.  Instead he turned to an alternative path, that is much more aggressive than any I have ever seen, or put a patient on.  It went far beyond the level that I have prescribed, and his results are borderline as miraculous as any we have ever heard about.

It was about five years ago, when I told a patient, “you need to not miss your visits, if you were diagnosed with cancer, you would need to be here”… and she replied “ha, If I was diagnosed with cancer I’d be at the medical doctor just like you”.  And I remember my reply was so calm and committed… “I would not be, as odd as it might seem to you, I would not be”.  She didn’t buy it, and her commitment to the other side bothered me.  “How could she not realize that there is more to be offered in what we do, than what they do?”

Dr. Charlie’s tumors are inside the red circle, this is A LOT of pressure… come see normal at tonight’s talk.

Of course I understand that, but it is important that you know I don’t agree with it.  If anyone in my immediate family, including my siblings and parents, are diagnosed with cancer… I will not let them follow conventional treatment without a fight.  I have seen it fail so many, and I understand why.  If you read this book, it will become clear to you as well.  Not because of one mans opinion, but because this book is the outline of thousands of opinions, research and reality, telling a perfect truth that you need to know.

I am going to be giving this as a workshop, tonight, Monday night October 8th.  It is time to save some lives before they need saving.  Won’t you line up to be one of those people?  This is potentially the most important workshop we have ever taught.  Get off your butt and make a commitment.  It is way too important to sit there.

Be well and Blessed, and don’t let this be you.  You are in control… but by being in control, you will create it by not doing.  It is up to you to do.  I love you.  God Bless!  – Dr. E

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