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Cancer is a Preventable Disease

A new research paper entitled:

Cancer is a Preventable Disease that Requires Major Lifestyle Changes – is an extremely valuable piece of medical research, from very recent times.  Published in the Journal Pharmaceutical Research, it has all the clout of any other modern piece of research, and it completely echoes what we have been yelling for years!

The gist of this article (and I highly advise that you read the whole thing), is that cancer is more tied to your lifestyle than anything else, with only 5-10% of all cancers having a predicated genetic component!  That is huge, even for me.  I have believed that the epigenetic controls are the ones that are in charge (stress, diet, exercise, nervous system); but my reconciliation was always that a LARGE percentage of these modulated the genetic factors.  Perhaps up to 50% in some cancers… where 10% at the high side is a new thought for me.

What that really means, is that 90% of all cancers are preventable.  It is hard to come up with a definite number for how many people die from cancer every year in our country.  The CDC has a number, the American Cancer Society has a number, the NIH has a number… in the end we know it is a lot, and bordering on 600,000.  If that were correct, then 540,000 of those deaths should be prevented.

Perhaps it is easier to swallow, when we consider that heart disease is considered the easiest preventable disease by some, and with 875,000 annual deaths attributed to that, we should really be at ZERO.  Especially considering that heart disease and heart attack were relatively unknown to our world prior to 1920.  The PRE-MI (myocardial infarction = heart attack) era as cardiologists in the 1930’s referred to it.  So in reality, we should be seeing so little in the way of deaths due to these diseases.

Back on track.  This article is such an awesome resource, as they have reviewed the cancer literature on just about every possible carcinogen out there.  From charcoal cooking to BPA food containers to the resilience created from resveratrol, quercetin and other healthy substances found in healthy foods. 

As I said before, I recommend you read this entire document.  But at the very least get the point of it… health comes from your lifestyle, and so does early death.  Choose wisely.

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