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Cancer and My Aunt Nancy

It was just Monday that I wrote a Daily Sprout about cancer, and commented on the battle that my aunt was in.  Here we are, two days later, and I am telling you that she lost.  It was Tuesday morning when she had her last breath on this Earth, and moved on to be with my savior.

I think it is wise for me to take the opportunity that is present here, to talk about cancer.  Straight talk.  You know, it is a time like this, that makes me want to run from what I have learned.  Research is pressing more and more towards cancer being caused by the environment (95%) and less and less from genetic reasons (5%).  Though Nancy had a sister who died years prior from cancer as well.  My Grandfather (Nancy’s father) died of cardiovascular disease ten years earlier, and her mother is still alive.  She was rubbing Nancy’s legs trying to comfort her when she passed.

It would be easier to me if cancer were 100% genetic.  It would be easier for all of us, we could just say “oh well, nothing to do about that” and go about our merry way.  But the truth is that the environment that we create has more to do with this, than any gene ever will.  I have lost many people to cancer, mostly patients, but people whom I was close with.  I hate it.  I absolutely hate the disease.  But I will never hide from it, nor take my eyes off of it, it is a disease to be treated like a brooding predator, waiting in the shadows for its opportunity.  The only problem is, when it sees the opportunity, you won’t be aware.

Cancer is the most silent of silent diseases.  You can go for ten years with diagnosable cancer, and yet have no idea.  And usually it takes another ten years of pretty rampant growth before that before it ever became diagnosable.  As we continue to learn of the immune system, we understand that cancer cells are completely normal, because the immunoglobulins and white blood cells that kill them, are equally as normal in the body.  But when we couple that with a toxic lifestyle, then we end up in the wrong place.

Aunt Ramona, daughter Brooke, and my late Aunt Nancy

If a patient asks me what to do, I have a great deal of information I can share about the best way to combat cancer through immune development and cellular function.  I would change your diet, I would likely adjust your atlas multiple times a day until we had proof that your immune system was top notch (I have had several patients over the years who I have given more than 10 adjustments a week to, routinely), I would detoxify you in multiple ways.  And I would tell you that I would never do chemo.  Now, if you do it, it is your choice, but I don’t only SAY I don’t like chemo, I don’t like it so much, I would avoid it until there all other possibilities were exhausted.

Cancer is a constantly raging battle.  Right now you are either winning, or losing that battle.  And you don’t even know.  You cannot know.  It is too micro for you to even have a clue as to what is going on there, so in the end, you must accept the truth, and decide based on that knowledge.  If you choose poorly, you will likely end up like 1/3 of the population, dead from cancer.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… Hosea 4:6

This passage goes on to talk about forgetting God’s law.  So waht does that mean?  I find that God’s law doesn’t just mean don’t kill, and don’t be an adulterer.  But rather, it provides direction around how to eat, how to handle stress, how to live in such a way that it translates to your activity levels, and it even goes so far as to reference hygiene and ultimately clean living.  We have gone so far overboard to pursue clean living today, that we have actually unearthed unclean living!

Every personal product in mainstream culture, is a toxic mess.  A disaster waiting to happen.  I wish it weren’t so, because it makes life so hard.  But as I mourn the Earthly loss of loved ones, I cannot help but see the truth, and see my usefulness in that truth.  I have been called to do this for a reason.  My only regret, is that I still wait for a patient to ask me.  My Aunt Nancy never asked me what to do, over the last few years, I have given ideas to my mother, but I felt uncomfortable approaching my aunt without her asking; and so I am left with the regret of wondering what if.

I pray that you will take the knowledge that we fight for, and use it to your best ability.  I appreciate your concern for myself and my family, God Bless!

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