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Can These Household Chemicals Affect Your Son’s Masculinity?

All Month we are talking DETOX, and so is Maximized Living, like this ARTICLE published this week.  If you have not yet read about the challenges, we have people on the Suero-Challenge (some have started), the Daily Detox, the Healing Diet (Max Nutrition Advanced Plan), and I have a few doing the opti-cleanse intestinal repair.

The differences are significant, but all are focused on preparing you for lifelong improved detoxification through support of your body’s ability to self detoxify.  Not just to make you go to the bathroom more (really has little to do with detox), but to truly support your body’s production of glutathione, and to increase the cellular resistance of the intestinal lining as well as the improved growwth of strong probiotic colonies.

If you haven’t, you should read the Detox daily sprout from last week, and consider that there is a true cancer risk implication of your lifestyle.  Be wise, and take it seriously.

Here is the article in its entirety:

A study published in the International Journal of Andrology found elevated levels of toxic plastic chemicals located in a pregnant woman’s urine will cause more feminine genetic traits to occur. Phthalates and other plastic-softening chemicals are used in many household items such as vinyl floors, soaps and lotions.They are pervasive in the environment and have increasingly become associated with changes in development of the male brain, genital defects, metabolic abnormalities and reduced testosterone in babies and adults.

The team of U.S. and British researchers posed a standard play questionnaire to the parents of 145 preschool-age children. They were ranked on the types of play on a scale from most masculine (such as play fighting or using trucks) to most feminine. On average, those boys scored 8 percent further away from the masculine end of the scale than other boys. Are Men Becoming an Endangered Species? According to a report issued by ChemTrust last year, half of all male fish in British rivers have been found to grow eggs in their testes! And that’s just one eye-opening example of the impact these gender bender chemicals are having on our environment. Their study lists the symptoms found in each of the numerous species tested, which includes testicular cancer, hermaphrodites, genital deformations, low sperm counts, and infertility. Numerous other studies over the past eight years confirm that similar dangers are posed to human health, males are particularly at risk. Common Sources of Phthalates 

  1. Processed food packaging

  2. Lubricant and adhesives

  3. Detergents

  4. Beauty products, nail polish, hair spray, shampoo, deodorants, and fragrances.

The common household products that you think are safe have been proven to cause harm to you and your children.  Revelation is coming, change is happening, do not wait until a disease says I told you so. The truth is sometimes hard to hear, but it is still the truth. Our goal is educate, motive and inspire this change and mobilize communities to better health.

Are you toxic? Find out your score! Like us on Facebook and download our FREE Toxicity Test and find out what your exposure is and how to eliminate toxins you encounter on a daily basis!


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  1. 4 Billion prescription drugs are ingested by Americans

  2. 70,000 chemicals are used commercially

  3. 3,000 chemicals are added to our food supply

  4. 10,000 chemicals are used in food processing, preserving and storage.

  5. 3 million tons of pesticides are used, with 1,600 chemicals used in their production

Toxicity slips by unnoticed to most people in North America, but the consequences are deadly. The Maximized Living Makeover is a one of a kind event where thousands of people earn the true principles of health. At April’s Toxicity Makeover, you will learn:

  1. Common household items and habits that are toxic

  2. How to create a healthy environment for your family

  3. The science behind natural detoxification

  4. How to have incredible health without depending on medications

Don’t miss this life-changing event! There’s room for everyone, so bring family and friends. For more info visit the Maximized Living Makeover website For the specific time and date of your local event please contact your doctor!

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