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Businesses and Industries in Woodstock, GA

Woodstock, Georgia, is a little town with big business. Woodstock is home to a variety of companies and industries. If you're looking for a location to start your career or relocate your company, the following list might be useful.

The following companies are located in Woodstock, Georgia:

- Tractor Supply Co.: This nationwide retail chain sells farm and ranch equipment as well as live animals and livestock supplies. They were formed in 1938 and now have over 150 locations across the country.

- Chick-fil-A: This fast food restaurant specialized in chicken sandwiches and was founded by Truett Cathy in 1946. They began with a focus on drive-through service but then pioneered the walk-up model for convenience.

- Publix is a Florida-based grocery store that was founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins. They are presently the biggest employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States.

- The Georgia Pines Golf & Country Club: This 18-hole course, which opened in 1999, has a full practice facility as well as food, drinks, tournaments, and special events.

- Southern Hills Animal Hospital: A comprehensive pet hospital that specializes in medical care for dogs and cats, as well as other animals. They provide a variety of services, including boarding, grooming, training, and more.

- The Woodstock Fun Center: Indoor playgrounds, laser tag areas, bowling alleys, arcades, and more are all available here for kids and adults.

- Pep Boys is a large automobile supply and maintenance business founded in 1921 by three partners. They provide a wide range of automobile supplies and accessories.

- One of the most famous restaurants in America, The Cheesecake Factory, has been featured on several television shows. They have over 90 locations around the world and specialize in cheesecakes and other American dishes like burgers or chicken wings!


The small town of Woodstock, Georgia, has big business. ranks it as one of the finest places to live in Georgia because it is cheap, has low unemployment rates, and offers high average salaries.

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