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Building Health through Peace

August and September are a pretty significant source of stress for about 100% of parents of children in higher elementary school through high school… and perhaps that extends beyond, but I write from my own knowledge.    And others, well they are stressed all the time for things such as financial stress, and health stress, and etc. etc. etc. stress.

The point is, we are all pretty stressed for some reason or another, and that stress is slowly destroying our health.  Well, in most cases it is happening slowly.  I would say in some cases it is destroying our health very, very quickly.  I had a relative who suffered the effects of a nervous breakdown, and ultimately they were a significant part of their passing.

So, as I review the research that has been pumped out over the last several decades on stress and health, it becomes necessary to continually remind ourselves, and everybody we can reach, that stress is truly not acceptable.  This organization, The American Institute of Stress, has a surplus of valuable research and tools.  Stress Website

Check out this table from their website:

So when we are pressed with such a situation, where stress, the thing that permeates into every part of our lives, is also the number one cause of disease and death (nervous systems control everything, and stress destroys that functional relationship), then how in the world do we go on?

I believe there are only two answers.

1.  Choose to live without stress… which might sound impossible, but I tend to believe there is always a way.  It might take a few years of work to get there, but it can be done.


2.  What I choose to do.  Do not let those things that might be considered culturally stressful, to stress you.  I still fall into the trap of stress once and awhile.  When we let ourselves feel alone, or unique in our situation, without help perhaps.  These are commonalities of people in high stress situations, yet I believe the God of our universe would tell you:

a. You are never alone

b. there is no situation that someone before you has not faced, and…

c. there is nothing outside of His grasp

So my conclusion to the story of stress, is that if you will trust me, in trusting that their is a God who loves you, you will find ways to cope with your stresses, IF you truly trust.

Stop, think, and ponder your future.

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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