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Boycott in Effect – a Leader in Health education and investigative reporting in the health world, has called for a boycott of Larabar and Kashi, including other natural products.  Their reason for the boycott, is to take a stand for Proposition 37, which is n effort to force food companies to add labeling WHENEVER a GMO Food is used in a product.

I am confident that eventually laws will be passed to require GMO labeling, but I am greatly concerned that if proposition 37 does not go through, that we will be waiting a very long time before we will know for sure if what we are eating is GMO or not.  GMO (genetically modified organism), would be any organism that has had the genetic structure altered.  If you search through my daily sprouts for GMO, you will find MANY references, and great opportunities to brush up on WHY we cannot stand these.  I recommend all of my patients avoid these, but especially if you have any signs of immune compromise such as cancer, or chronic inflammatory conditions you  MUST avoid these.

So in the meantime, why a boycott of these “Natural” companies?  Silk, Kashi, Larabar and more are on their list.  But something important to figure out first, is why.  The reason is because these companies are owned by LARGER companies that have given money to the effort to stop Proposition 37.  So my point, is that you need to first STOP buying products from the larger companies if you want to make a difference.

Kashi is owned by Kellogg.  And though it would be a stand to stop buying Kashi, and to make a stink about it, you should be looking for ways to stop buying Kellogg first.  If you eat their cereals, guess what… you eat GMO’s every morning.  Silk is owned by Dean Foods, who also own Mayfield, Horizon Organic, Land O Lakes, PET, International Delight and more.  Cascadian Farms is also on this list of companies owned by larger companies trying to kill the proposition, General Mills, who is also the owner of Larabar.

I really think our stance has to be one of a unified desire to give yourself information.  Without the information of whether GMO ingredients are present in the foods you eat, you cannot decide to be GMO free or not, as it simply isn’t your choice.  And that is wrong.

I will continue to follow this debate, in the meantime, please read the article HERE.

There is great call for concern, when historically it seems as though any time we have tampered with the body through chemical introduction, we have caused problems.  And it usually takes a decade before we realize it.  Be well, stay healthy, Dr. E

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