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Beyond Organic

Organic Products are being pushed to the market

Our Total Food Makeover people have heard a bit about the Beyond Organic organization that Jordan Rubin started.  Others may have seen some of the product information as it has been sitting on our counter tops.  The point is, there has been some buzz, and for good reason!

Read this excerpt from an email I recently received from Jordan Rubin:

At Beyond Organic, we know how important it is to keep you connected to the land and all of our projects at our ranches and spring. So much of the attention around launch has been focused on products, and policies, and websites—all important and necessary information. But today, we provide you with a Ranch Update—as we have some very exciting things happening at Beyond Organic.

We have welcomed over 400 calves into the world and they are beautiful and healthy. This is the first generation of our new breeding program and God has blessed us tremendously.

A team of soil scientists recently tested the nutrient levels of our grasses, legumes, forbs and herbs and they had to check their instruments several times as they could not believe the improvements. We have been very diligent in our regenerative soil programs to bolster our micro and macro organisms and the results are tremendous.

We believe that next years pastures are going to explode! God’s plan for sustainable regenerative agriculture is nothing short of amazing!!

If that doesn’t sum up a pretty amazing attempt at health driven foods, I am not sure what does.  This is exciting stuff.  In addition, they are selling grass fed beef in small quantities, to allow those who don’t get in on our beef purchases, to buy very small quantities if you choose, which are better than grocery store quality grass fed.  What is the ‘grass-fed’ designation?  It is great, yet hard to trust at the same time.    Why?  Read this from Mark’s Daily Apple:

To say grass-fed cows eat grass isn’t telling the entire story. It’s more accurate to say they eat graminoids, which comprise hundreds of different species of sedges (found in wild marshes and grasslands; a famous sedge includes papyrus), rushes (a small but plucky family of herbaceous and rhizomatous plants), and true grasses (cereals, lawn grass, bamboo, grassland grass – the type of grass that produces the leaves Walt Whitman writes about). And that’s just the graminoid. Cows will also nibble on shrubs, clovers, and random leaves if they can get to them. Basically, they’ll eat whatever’s in reach, green, and leafy. Legally, grass-fed cows may also eat cereal grain crops in the “pre-grain stage,” hay, silage, and non-grain crop byproducts (one of my favorite farms gives their cows leftover veggies, for example, and it’s fantastic; that would qualify).

There’s yet another hazy category: the pasture-raised cow. These guys get steady lifelong access to open pastures, but those pastures are supplemented with feed bins containing grain feed. Not technically grass-fed, but not quite sucking down gumdrops like Grandma. Purveyors of pastured cattle who include grain in the feed are usually pretty conscientious stewards of their operation, and I’ve had great meat from cows that were fed grass and grainconcurrently.

Basically, I don’t like the idea of buying “Grass-Fed” from the grocery store, because legally this beef could have a significant amount of omega 6 fatty acid vs the healthy omega 3, conjugate linoleic acid of a true green fed cow.  I know that the beef we buy from Indian Creek Angus is green fed the whole way, from the first time they are weened from mom’s milk, to the point that they are brought to the processor.  The same applies to Beyond Organic.  Which is really good to know for certain!  Why pay up to $23/lb for a “grass fed” filet at Whole Foods that might have actually spent its last 90 days eating nothing but grain?  Not so good.

So join me in the mission towards green fed, and towards the mission of organic.  Why organic you might still be asking?  Well, I really, really advise you to get into our workshops (this Monday at 11:45am – How to Reverse Diabetes), and start learning more about this need.  Recent literature in the oncology world continues to suggest that 95% of cancer origin is based in environmental factors, meaning that you can change up to 95% of your cancer risk based on your choices.  Now, to believe we could actually change 95% of it, is probably a bit excessive, but perhaps 80% is within your grasp… that would be important enough!

Be well, be educated, God Bless! – Dr. E

PS – from one of my patients yesterday – “A superior doctor prevents sickness; A mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; An inferior doctor treats sickness.” -Chinese Proverbs

We strive to be number one.  Not as quantifiable, but that is our goal!

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