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Be hated by the world!

Well, as you might guess, I think there is value in being hated by the world.  Now what does that mean?  I really don’t hope that you guys hate me, I kind of like you, and hope for the same in return.  But I don’t consider you guys to be of the world so much.

I recently had a guy who came to my doctor’s report, he made a decision right afterwards that he was going to pay in full for the year, and that he was going to have his wife checked out.  This guy, interestingly enough, had addressed with Loree that he wasn’t so fond of the Christian characteristics that my office carries.  So anyways, he went home, and called back a few hours later asking for a refund.

We weren’t too shocked; upset because we always want an opportunity to share our beliefs as they relate to health and other areas.  But he was really “of the world”, so when he went back home, he got into the culture, and he didn’t like the anti-medicine stance, so he contacted some friends in the medical community, and of course we stand out as being abrasive and someone to be violently opposed by anyone who puts their faith in the medical community.

So what I am asking of you, is to stand up in a way that makes you painful to others.  You know what I mean.  You know.  Like, when you have that friend who is always trying to make the right choice, but you just want to eat more donuts, and so when you are around them it makes your decisions painful.  You feel guilty, so you just choose to not be around that person anymore.  We have all been there at some point in our life, as it relates to something… now it is your turn.

The key however, is to NOT alienate people, it is simply to stand in the way of progress of evil.  SO you need to LOVE the people, but HATE the choice.  It is because I love you that I am willing to stand here and beg you to never eat at McDonald’s again.  And if you would let me bend your ear on the subject, I could communicate to you why it is necessary to never eat there again.  You might be saying, “not so hard, I could do that”… so how about Chick-fil-A?  They are just as bad.  But the issue is with those who really, really, really like McDonalds, or Chick-fil-A.  They really don’t want to spend anytime letting me talk about those, because it hurts a little. 

In order to take that step that lets the world hate me just a little, it takes caring for the person MORE than the amount I care for the way they think about me. 

I don’t want you to simply be hated, but I want everyone who is tied to culture, intimately tied to culture, to be a little disgusted with you over something.  There are too many areas of culture that are destructive.  They are destructive to your physical health, they are destructive to your mental health.  The constant bombardment of our psyche with medication solutions, with poor diet choices, and with so many potential wastes of time.  If you take the stand that you will be above and beyond many of these, because of your pursuit of health, then the world will not appreciate your choices, but you will be WAY better off for it!

So don’t go do anything to get yourself hated by someone, but the world as a whole, well… you’ll be better off if it hates you!  God Bless!

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