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The Update on the Aquaponics system going into my back yard, I will update another one today as well with some more of the progress.

A couple quick points:

  1. The food for the plants in the grow bed, is entirely supplied by the fish in the pond

  2. To preserve organic as best as possible, concrete is being used in all of the construction, to avoid plastic as much as possible

  3. In an extra hot year like this one, having the roots have constant access to water, insures strong plant growth

  4. Two options exist with a system like this, and all it takes is planning the timers on the pumps

a.  Flood and drain – where the beds are filled with water, then drained

b.  Always on – keeping a steady 4″ base of water in the grow beds

Either way, this is a great way to grow your own organic vegetables at better than great growth rates and production.  The system will take some equalization once we get the fish in, and the water turned on.

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