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Anti-Inflammatory Living, how sweet!

I was forwarded this Suero-Cleanse testimonial from Dr. Jockers, and I thought… I have better ones than this.  But then I thought, “what a transforming moment for this persons life”.  You can hear the excitement and relief in this patient.  It almost sounds like she never thought she would be well again, and then it was here, at her door step… hers for the taking.

What is the cleanse?  Be sure to go here and look through the search pages (these are links on our web site for those reading this in a seat).  But a simple answer, drink nothing but Suero Viv for three days.  6 bottles a day.  Cultured Whey protein (by culturing it, there is NO protein in the drink), with loads of hydration potential and probiotics equivalent to a gallon of yogurt.

Listen to what Michelle had to say:

SeuroViv 3-Day Cleanse:

For about 5 years now, I have been struggling to lose weight, even though I was, for the most part, careful about eating correctly, and included various probiotics in my diet on a regular basis.  Frustrated with a swollen belly and an ongoing painful gut, I decided to drink the “Gold” SueroViv for 3-days, as a fast.  I drank 3 bottles per day, along with lots of water and freshly squeezed lemons.  To my delight, I weighed myself at the end of the week and had lost 10lbs, and my stomach was noticably flatter!!  Even more importantly, the pain inside my gut disappeared, and I experienced a very “quiet” inner calm while on this fast.  Thank you Dr. David for promoting the healing power of cultured Whey!


52 yrs

patient of Dr. David Jockers for 6 months

Did you catch my story from cleanse #1?  7 lbs and 1 inch off my waist.  And I don’t believe I have an inch to lose normally.  Sure, I think anyone can squeeze out 7#, but what a change.

My point in posting this today isn’t necessarily to promote the suero cleanse, though you are crazy if you haven’t done one yet.  How could you be reading all the positives, and not find the desire to do this?  But the reality of the message, is that in general, eating clean, is worth it.  And you are worth it, and you can do it.  Don’t let yourself be weak, and don’t lie to yourself calling yourself weak.  Take a stand for yourself, and force yourself into a healthy routine.  Do it now, before Christmas, so that you can be confident in whatever new goals you set for 2013.

Your expectations should simply be to do well and be honorable in the process!

Be Blessed – Dr. E

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