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Anti-Aging Deals and Party

In the past, whatever we have tried is either too expensive, as is the case with the Miessence products we both consumed and sold.  Just way to expensive for us.  Or, promises of products being healthy and clean, like the Arbonne products, but they are loaded with garbage chemicals.  And when we recently reviewed the price, their six piece anti-aging set is more expensive than Beyond Organic’s Eight Piece Anti-Aging set!  And we could safely eat everything in the beyond organic set (not a good use of these products)!

The Arbonne Anti Aging kit is 2 less bottles of product, less total volume, and still more expensive than the CLEANER Beyond Organic Set! This was a game changer for us.

So, together, we have decided to run a series of parties to introduce the Anti Aging Line to friends, family and a select number of patients.  Eventually, we will figure out how to open this up to everyone, and you will have a chance to sample these products, but for now, because the company has yet to produce sample sizes of these products, we need to figure out how to best control the desire to test these, with your likelihood to use them.

So if you are interested in being part of a December and January testing party, then I need you to let us know!  Laura and I will run these together.  I will give you a short slideshow on the product from a functional health slide, including ingredients that we WANT to avoid that are in virtually every non-organic product on the market.  Then Laura will take you through the usage of the product, how to incorporate it, and the tips and tricks that she has picked up with this stuff.

I can tell you, she is so happy with it, I think her enthusiasm will be good for you to understand the importance of clean skin care long term, no matter what.  So if you want to come to one of these parties, dates TBD, then copy and paste these questions into your email composer, answer them, and then send the email to

What products do you currently use for anti-aging: What approximate price are you paying for anti-aging: What foods are you currently eating exclusively organic: What are the weeknights, and weekends in December that you are available: Are you comfortable coming to Dr. Eric’s house for a party: Would you be apt to purchase a product without being able to try it more than one time:

We look forward to adapting this party so that you can get a chance to see the value of what Beyond Organic has to offer in skin care!  Thanks!

Dr. Eric and Laura

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