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An Hour with Dr. Eric

This Daily Sprout is going to serve two purposes… 1. I want to see what is on your mind, and 2. I am actually trying to secure a ride from the airport next Monday morning at 8am (yes, that means I won’t be in until about 9am).

Let’s hit the first point.

IF you had an hour to ask any health questions you have, or have had.  What would you ask?  For some of you, the questions are immediate, and complete.  You know what you want to know, you have a list.  A well established list.  You would run down the list in no time, and in so doing, continue the well defined path towards health that you are on.

But for many (most) of you, I doubt that you would have any clue what to talk about.  You don’t really have a health plan, just a random group of ideas, thoughts, and random occurrences.  I want to make sure you have a moment to think about that, and to realize that our office provides more guidance than that.

First, let’s think about the areas that you might need to consider, and these go way beyond the obvious, but the obvious first.  Diet, what is a good diet?  When someone says to me, “I have a pretty good diet”, my first thought is, do you even know what a good diet is, or are you trusting most of the cultural education out there?  Is a good diet in your mind a diet rich in low fat and diet foods?  Exercise, how important is it?  I have bad knees, what should I do?  I can’t lose weight even though I exercise.

I have food allergies, what do I do about that?  Can I ever heal, how would I heal from that?  My parents are bad genetic risks, how does that effect me?  Is there a way to avoid that, what determines if I have their same genetic problems?  How specific can we be to develop a plan to avoid genetic pre-disposition?

I have shoulder, knee, and ankle issues… how do I deal with those?  Does all this toxic stuff mean anything?  Why do adults develop allergies to things they were never allergic to before (nuts, bee stings, dust, etc)?  I feel more tired in the afternoons now, than I ever did… and its never been good!  Sometimes I wake in the morning, and feel like I never went to sleep… why?  I spent some time in a Turkish prison, could that be a health problem?

You speak against medication, so what medications are really ok?  Why don’t you give your kids homeopathic treatments for their symptoms?  Your family takes juice plus, and fish oil, why?

So, a lot of questions about health that can be thrown out without much thought.  Have you considered these?  You should take a look again, and see what areas you really have some questions.  Or if it is simply application of what you now know you should do, then you need to go a little further trying to understand why you fail at changing yourself.

So here is the deal, if you think you would like to spend some time with me, asking questions about anything you like, then let Loree know, and she will put you on a list.  Tell her what you want to talk about, and then I will pick someone from that list.  I will then have you supply me whatever history (lab reports, your personal history, prior efforts to correct or effect this area, and current efforts) you have to supply.  I will be ready for our conversation, and I will be prepared to advise you.  I’ll give flight details and so forth, to whomever it is that chooses to pick me up, and then you get the first adjustment when you get me to the office.

A couple parting things, I hope none of you spent any time in a Turkish prison, and I reserve the right to pick based on my perceived level of your driving skills, as well as your relationship status and gender (I have personal rules that might apply).  If nobody wants to hang out with me, no worries, I have a ride… just figured this would be a value to some of you.

Be well, Dr. E

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