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Amy’s Story, and why it matters to you…

Wednesday I was going through my doctor’s report, and in the middle of the pre and post x-ray review, I realized that I needed to re-tell her story to you.  Yes, you, not the person next to you, but you.  This is a story that every one of you has heard, and for most it has been too long ago (you should come back through another doc report to be reminded of how important your spine is).

So Amy was the patient who had been under ten years of care before coming in, it was relief care for her migraines.  She had suffered such frequent migraines that she had journaled 220  separate days that she had thrown up from her migraines.  Pretty bad.  After trying to kill herself due to incredible depression over her state of health, she took steps to get chiropractic results.  And after ten years of chiropractic care, she seemed to be stuck with the 30 annual migraines that she was experiencing.  There was no further to go.  These were harsh migraines, causing her to vomit from the pain, and in most cases lasting for two days.

If you remember the story, Amy’s real story comes after she started getting adjusted by us.  She turned over a new leaf, changing her focus from her pain, to her problem.  Many of you have forgotten this, and you come in discussing your pains, not your problems.  Your problems drive your pains, and your solution is to stop focusing on your pain, and to focus instead on the solution of your problem.  When looking at her x-ray she properly described her problem as being that her organs were not healing due to her subluxations, and that she was dying.  She went on to describe her brain stem as being compressed, and that her migraines were the symptom, not the actual problem.  Amy got it.  And by getting it, her story began to unfold.

She became very committed, asking about all activities and exercises that she could do to get well.  She was aggressive, doing them more than prescribed, and constantly asking for new ideas, assurances and support with her care.  She was forcing herself to get well.  The above image is a negative 8 degree cervical curve (normal is positive 43 degrees), and an 8 degree atlas (normal is 31 degrees or greater).  She was scared for her well being, but strengthened by the commitment to fix it that we had portrayed.

In six short months through a committed process, and following through with care at every level, she was holding a 25 degree cervical curve, a 27 degree atlas and much to her enjoyment she was headache free.  She did however comment on her commitment to getting well, and not just getting symptom free.

As she continued working really hard to get full change, she paved the way for you to do the same.  Isn’t it all too common how we assume we are well, as soon as we get a positive change in our symptoms?  We begin to feel we are healthy because we feel good.  And I would tell you that it is garbage.  That you need to pursue health with all of your ability until there is nothing left to pursue.  Amy did this, even as she felt better, she pursued.  In the first x-ray, her neck is a mess.  She is dying quietly, and quickly with disease reaching out to her before her time.  She went headache free after one month of care… meaning her neck would still have looked awful, silent death moving towards her, even though her headaches were gone.

If we would have acted like most, she might have left care, or stopped her home therapy, or we would have stopped pushing her to be committed, and she would still be a mess.  Instead she got to the second x-ray and beyond.  I don’t know where you are in your pursuit right now, but the truth is that anyone can start over and get re-committed.  If you need to, then do it now.  There is too much riding on it.  God Bless, don’t live in fear, take great strides towards health and live in confidence!  – Dr. E

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