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Adapt Or Die

Darwin spoke of adaptation being the means of survival of a species.  His work was twisted a bit from what he theorized, but in the end, it was specifically about adaptation.

You are an adaptation machine.  You ever notice how this time of year so many of you start feeling sick, getting coughs, head colds, and even fevers.  The problem isn’t that there is a ton of new bacteria and viruses in the world, they tend to actually produce better in hot moist environments, like our summer.  Not the fall.  So what is it?  Have you given much thought to how hard it is to adapt to ANYTHING when the temperature changes 37 degrees in one day?  Yep, you are guessing it… really hard!

I received this simple paragraph from Dr. Amy Haas, some of you know her, she worked for us for a couple of years in the past.  Post doctorate work at Harvard in biochem, then turned her back on the belly of the beast, gave up six figure incomes of ease, with fully funded 401k’s and even old school pension plans.  She left that for Chiropractic.  Kind of cool (can you imagine what her parents thought)?

Winters adaptation was damaging to her spinal column… are you adapting in a way to build life or end it?

Adapt or Die

Your brain and nervous system sense your environment (both external, and internal) and direct the body to adapt appropriately to change. If your nervous system’s function is dampened by subluxation, your ability to adapt is decreased. Regular chiropractic care ensures that you are keeping your nervous system clear of interference and subluxation, so that your body can function at its best and adapt to the challenges we see every day. If you were ever wondering why it’s important to see a chiropractor regularly, ask yourself this: How important is it to make sure my body can adapt to its environment?

The question is not do you see the importance of adaptation, the question is can you see the method in which it occurs.  And the reality is that none of us can.  Your immune system adapts, and the more we learn, the more we understand it happens in ways more complex than we can understand.  Your nervous system of course, is the very thing that is adapting that immune system, that we cannot understand, so how could we understand the nervous system.

Theories abound in every nook and cranny of your body.  150,000 pathways of information running up and down your spine.  But wait, that information just might be outdated, maybe its 190,000 pathways.  And what about the scientists who received much attention a few years back from hypothesizing that a major component of neurological messaging up and down your spine involved SOUND WAVES?  What?  I haven’t heard any noises coming from any of my patients spines, but it doesn’t mean that they are not correct.

You might be asking what the point of todays Daily Sprout is… what is the education we are trying to pass along with this information?  In the end, it is all about understanding that your nervous system is beyond you.  Beyond me and everyone else.  It is awesome and beautiful, and you are dependent on it, and it won’t fail you if you take care of it.

Be well and blessed!  – Dr. E

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