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A Cancer Hypothesis

We see patients with cancer, we have seen many over the years.  Some in a serious battle, some in a minor battle, all in a battle.  I think it is wise for us to first realize that we are all in that same battle, everyday, we are fighting against cancer cells, in a SILENT war raging inside our bodies.

It is the understanding of that silent war that leads us to clarity in the importance of our daily decisions.  Have you ever given any thought to how you would respond if you were diagnosed with cancer?  Would you be scared?  Would you run to the first oncologist you could find, and simply “do” whatever it is they asked of you?  Would you consider where it came from, and why you have it?

Current and leading research suggest that 95% of cancer is based on environmental factors.  Lifestyle.  Choices and your relative proximity to high risk activities, foods, air, water, stress… all the things that we get to make choices about every single day.  You know, that only leaves 5% for genetic causes!

So here is my belief.  You develop cancer because of toxic load primarily.  As toxins build up in the body, you increase the rate of mutation that occurs in those cells.  Now this is where it gets interesting, in addition to increasing cancerous growth because of mutation, you also increase cancer growth because of a weakening in the function of the immune system.

Photo Courtesy Of National Geographic

Studies have shown increase risk of cancer based on the total day sof antibiotic use in your lifetime.  Basically, you are getting increased cancer risk from any source of weakening of the immune system… which is why you have people who are so quick to comment, “Well everything causes cancer these days… you can’t avoid everything, so why change?”  And in the end, that is most people’s response.  Though you might not say that, for most of you, you are continuing to act that way.

You don’t know the ingredients of the food you eat.  You don’t know the ingredients of the personal products that you use in the shower everyday.  You know, I am guilty of having awful air fresheners in my office, and I hate them!  I don’t really know why I have such garbage being used in my office, but I plan on changing that! 

You know, it is such an important endeavor, to clean up your life, and to treat your immune system like the gift that it is.  Otherwise, the chance of you getting cancer in your life is awfully close to 100%.  My Aunt Nancy was told a week ago, that she had between 2 weeks and 6 months to live.  I personally do not believe it needs to be true.  But I believe that life needs to change.

Healing is a miracle that we are privy to, but we need to change.  Right now cancer cells are growing and multiplying in your body.  They are doing it in mine too.  The only real question, is will my body have enough fight in it today, to overcome the growth, and win the battle.  Every single day that job starts fresh, and there is never a day that the cancer cells sleep.  They are in us, and they are working to win every single day.

Are you working to win?

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