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It has been a few months since I have written about love, and with Valenspines Day around the corner, it only makes sense to do it now (yes, Valenspine’s was hijacked by those trying to sell chocolate and gift cards to be called Valentines).  So my thought on love today, is to be in love with the world.

Now, I don’t mean those things of the world, that is just the opposite of what I mean.  I mean those who inhabit the world.  And I purposefully brought up this distinction because the world, culture, is pulling and pushing you in the wrong way with regards to so many things.  Treatment of one another is not the least of these.

Whereas, to actually have great love for all those who inhabit the world, is the second greatest commandment that God gave us (loving Him is first).  So I wanted to give some simple examples of how this can change your life, and in this HOPE that you will walk through your day today, a little happier, a little more outgoing, and a little more at peace.

Have you ever noticed that a moment of cheerfulness as you approach a stranger, can erase a look of concern, caution, fear, anger, malice… really anything… and turn a smile on?  It happens.  How about someone who you would expect nothing but an angry grimace.  People whom you don’t get along well with at work.  Perhaps a boss, or a co-worker who is always on your back… have you thought what could change if you acted like you loved them, all the time?

I wonder what love shown to a spouse looks like to so many of you.  You know, I think that sometimes I get caught up with the attempt at showing love to so many others, that sometimes I don’t give enough to my wife.  I try to exaggerate my love to her every day, but I know sometimes it falls short.  I can tell you that the first step to improving, is to always self critique, be honest, and then push for improvement.

It is a short sprout, there isn’t much more to say, than try.  I just want you to try.  I’ll do the same, I love you!  Dr. E

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