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Have you ever had someone next to you call out for help?  I mean literally call out for help.  You know, say “Help!”  I think it is probably pretty rare that we hear that, though we have heard it before… maybe it was your mom  in the kitchen when you were five, she had two fully loaded cookie sheets in her hands, ready to go in the oven, and the oven door was still closed too far. Perhaps it was your wife trying to get the zipper on her dress up.

How about this, have you had someone ask you for help, without saying help, by telling you about something going wrong in their health?

You know, I have been having a miserable time with my health.  I have been in and out of the hospital with this kidney thing.  My doctor now tells me that I have reflux and my blood sugar is too high!  Can you pray for me?

I have some patients who would hear that, and automatically think of our office.  But I have many more, who would sit there, and think about it.  They would feel bad for the person, and wonder what their next step will be, and then perhaps they would say a prayer for them, or simply forget about it in the next five minutes.  So I am showing up in your face today to ask you, “Is that what you would want someone to do for you?”

My little one recently cried out for help in a different way...

As I sit here thinking about how many of you have had lung dysfunction through asthma, and bronchial stress.  And the number of you who have had cardiovascular disease, who have been able to come off of heparin/cumadin/diuretics/beta blockers.  The number of you who took severe meds for migraine headaches or sleep aids, and you have been free of them for so long.  The few of you who were in renal distress and got better against the odds of the MD, or the one of you who had no renal function, and went from dialysis to full function.  The one of you who had large, hard tumors disappear in a moment when miraculous healing came your way.

You see, we are healthcare specialists.  And though the person who is quietly reaching out for help might seem like all they need is an allopathic intervention, I will tell you that they will get the Western approach, that is guaranteed.  What they need is someone leading them towards miracles.  It is the miracle that is so far removed from their hopes, yet so close to being exactly what they need.  It is the miracle that will put their life right.  If you are going to be the one who hears anyone complain about their health, then i would ask you to also be the one who helps that one get it back.  Not get drugged, and get stuck in a rut, and lose months or years of their life.

I spoke to a long time patient tonight, and it was about a problem that has been going on for almost a year.  They had not been utilizing our office for all we offer, and as I heard about this problem in detail, it sounded so perfectly like so many other stories that we have helped, it just takes commitment to the other side of our office.  Not just the chiropractic, but the diet.  It is not 100% guaranteed that we have the answer, but it really fits perfectly.  So why did this person not engage in the first place?

When you fall into maintenance chiropractic care, you assume that we have done everything we can for you.  That is primarily what happens, you become disenchanted by chiropractic and it loses its potential.  You know, it is just the opposite.  Sure, your nervous system is working better than it was, but the potential for something quiet to get started and slip in is always there.  But because you are under care, increasing that care is only a faster way to the change.

I had a patient a year ago who was told they needed their gallbladder removed.  Like so many people are.  I began adjusting them three times a week, up from about 3 times a month.  Within three weeks normal function was restored, it looked better on followup ultrasound, and all symptoms were gone from this SICK gallbladder.

So know this for yourself and anyone who cries out for help from you.  We can answer that cry, and we will respond with a path towards health, not just a path towards symptom free, hyper drugged living.  Total Food Makeover started this Monday and can continue to accept new members.  Healthy Spine Day will be a costume party on Thursday October 27th.  These are opportunities for you and your friends and family!

Be well and blessed – Dr. E

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