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60 Days is nothing to give for health…

The 60 Day Turnaround scares many people.  Does it scare you?  I hope not, but I can understand if it does.  You are unsure of your ability to be committed… 60 days, no grains, no sugar, no legumes, no root vegetables, no fruits outside of a handful of berries… what in the world are you going to eat?

The reality, is that there are a ton of great items to eat.  Join the community at this facebook group – 

And check out the incredible PILE of recipes that you will find there.  In addition, you will see the awesome opportunity to be part of a VERY active community of people fighting for health.  For all sorts of reasons… cancer/post cancer, heart disease, auto-immune conditions, weakened immunity… it is all there.

The facebook page is worth following all the time, keeping yourself in the mix of commitment. –

And the site that pulls it all together –

This is where you sign up… and then you can watch the live workshops every Monday night for 60 days on our private facebook group that we invite you to.  Or, if you happen to be in Woodstock GA, you can come to see those live.  $149 for the average person, subtract $29 if you already have the book.  If you are a HealthSprout Care Plan Patient, or a member at CrossFit Silos or Bridgemill… you can use the code 60DAYMEMBER50 to save $50.  So a “Member”, with a book, is down to $70.

What happens in 60 Days?  For some, losing up to 80 lbs!  Yep, but that is few and far between… it has happened though.  Others get closer to the average of 20# lost… yet some lose 0-5#, and think… “what went wrong??”, yet the reality is, there is a hormonal change that we fight for, that sometimes takes closer to 90-120 days to really begin to turnaround.  I have had people do it strict for over a year, and some who are nearly perfect still, several years in.  Healing their hormones, reducing inflammation, and improving their life.

Such a great opportunity to keep yourself on track… or to put yourself on track.

I hope you will tune in tonight for the first half of it, which is given openly on our facebook page (, but then it will be cut off, and only be available on the private page.  So come in to see it live, or simply commit!

The other membership options that we have:

6 Month commitment on all :

$9.99 – be part of the community, and full access to videos and slides.

$19.99 – same as above, plus a daily meal plan with shopping, and weekly exercise plan.

$49.99 – same as above two, plus coaching.  Weekly email discussion, review of lab findings, and results, in order to dial in the best controls to get the fastest results.

I hope you can find the motivation to give up one 60 day window… you get 6 a year, isn’t your health worth at least one of them?

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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