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10 Years of Health Building

Chiropractic was not an easy choice for me, just as choosing to become a chiropractic patient wasn’t necessarily an easy step for many of you.  I remember a coach telling me I should consider a chiropractor when I was 14 and complaining of back pain regularly during hockey practice.   I thought he must be crazy to recommend a chiropractor, isn’t that like a palm reader?

It wasn’t until ten years later when the back pain got to be too much of a life interruption, that I went to a chiropractor, and my life was changed.  I fell in love with the philosophy more than the life changing effect on my back.  I felt healthier, I felt more balanced and energized.  It had a huge impact on me.

I felt called to it.  Like God was tugging me in a direction to take me from obscurity to purposeful living.  I wrote a business plan, headed to Atlanta, and after four and a half more years of non-stop education, I emerged with my chiropractic degree and a masters in exercise physiology.  It was a month later that this office was opened… and here we are, ten years later!

Our mission was more clearly developed over time, but I have always had the confidence that everyone is healthier under chiropractic care.  As you can imagine, the more testimonials we had, the more confident we became in our message.  The more we saw people overcome disease, the more we knew it was possible for everyone.

Of course, there have been many who have not gotten well from what we do… fuel for the disbelief that is always ready to pop out of any chiropractor’s mind.  This is the reason why 99% of the chiropractors in the world, do NOT have the confidence that we have.  They may have seen a great response from a patient here and there… but they have more who do not respond, thus they don’t believe.

However, the fact that we believe, is the reason why so many get well.  We say confidently that if you follow our path, you will have the best chance ever at health… overall health.  As our patient success grows, our confidence follows, thus more patient success.

The reason I went down this path with this daily sprout, is because your time for health is now.  Keeping your nervous system functioning well is the most important step to health, but it is only one.  If you haven’t started looking at the other areas of your life, you need to get on this train.  Diet – most people think their diet is good because they eat low fat, which is completely opposite of what you should be doing, which is why you need to take the time to come to a workshop.  Exercise, detoxification (clean living) and stress-free living are all necessary if you want your health.

This weekend, I will be running through the woods in a 28 hour adventure race, so I will not be available; however there is an awesome one day extreme makeover going on with the rest of our local Maximized Living crew this Saturday from 9am until noon at North Metro Church in Kennesaw.  Sign up, and change your life.

Look for some fun stuff this month, as we celebrate our ten year anniversary, trivia, in office cooking days, give aways, etc.  And thank you so much for being a part of this health mission, be confident, make bold change, and you will be amazed!

God Bless – Dr. Eric

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