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OK, so last night after my workout (WOD – Workout Of the Day), I decided I should post some of my body-weight favorites here for the non CrossFit world to see, and HOPEFULLY attempt.

First, last week we did a great running WOD.

Run 20 seconds (as hard as you can) and rest 40 seconds.  Be sure to start back at the EXACT place that you stopped running your 20 seconds.  You do this for 15 minutes (which equals 5 minutes of total running).  Shoot for more than a mile, but if you only get half a mile, at least you have a target for the next time… slightly better.

You can incorporate squats, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, jumping, jumping rope, running, burpees, and more into body-weight workouts.  And once you know how to properly do these exercises, you really don’t need any equipment to maintain a measure of fitness much greater than most of our present time world has ever known.

OK, so this is meant to be an informational WOD, not an inspirational one, so let me get back to the details.  The intensity training phenomenon is not a new one.  For years, high level athletes have found themselves pushing their intensity higher and higher.  Further separating themselves from the masses who have dogmatically followed the approach to exercise that has said, slow… controlled… feel the burn… hold it and slowly release.  Which is so ridiculous I cannot believe i fell victim to this lifestyle for any amount of time, much less a bunch of years! 

Is there anything that you do in your life that you purposefully do slow, besides sleeping and driving when you are trying to impress your parents on your first week of your learner’s permit?  I mean come on!  If you are in training (which is what exercise is, it is training for your life, for any and every part of it), then what in the world are you training for when you are moving at anything less than maximum?

CrossFit has taught this well.  Maximized Living (the group of chiropractors that I am part of), have learned it too – though it took longer than I would have hoped – by incorporating what they simply term “burst” training.  The simple description is this: perform the set amount of work in the least amount of time; or perform as much work as possible, in a pre-determined amount of time.  The result in either case, is you working fast.

So here is an example if an easy workout, that you could use as a first step into this world.  In 5 minutes, do as many rounds of 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, and 10 squats as possible.  This takes no equipment, it takes little technique training to start (the squat actually is technique rich, but you can get underway with not much more than “push your butt back, keep your knees behind your toes, attempt to have the crease of your hip below the top of your knee at the bottom, and your leg and hip completely straightened at the top”.

Do this little number, and if you are a relatively low activity person… you will hurt.  For awhile.  The cool thing is, you can stick with the same workout and get great advantage, or you can change things up in a hundred ways, and still get that advantage. 

Coaching is of ridiculous value, so in the end I recommend finding a CrossFit gym to coach you.  But if that is out of the question, you can still get a ton done with this list of exercises, on your own time and own terms.

There is no excuse to not be fit when the exercise takes 5 mins, and the well rounded needs are available in your own home.  See you on the side of fit.

Source:  The Garage Body-weight Exercise List

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The Healing Diet, which is the one that we teach most often, had a very significant problem if you fail… which is a serious loss of the value of the work that has been accomplished to date.  In this diet, eating no sugars or grains, limiting your fruit intake to berries every other day, or perhaps a granny smith apple a few times a week, means VERY tight dietary controls.

The purpose is to really reign in any sugar blips in your bloodstream, giving your body a chance to heal leptin receptors, and thus become a fat burning machine.  What you realize when you have thoroughly beaten down this path, is that body weight is a funtion of hormone, not caolrie balance.

Ok, so on to the article title.  In a diet like the healing diet, if you cheat by having a sandwich, or having an extra serving of fruit, or even having a dessert, then you haven’t ruined the diet.  However, if you cheat by falling completely off, grabbing a soda, following it up with five slices of pizza, then three massive scoops of ice cream… well.  You will have driven your blood sugar so high, that there is no way you will retain the complete measure of what you have accomplished.

Thus, “choosing to cheat” can be a very wise choice.  What I mean, is if you can foresee the inevitable collapse of your will power, and you can stand in the middle of a completely controlled, manifest destiny, I own my diet individual… and an out of control raving “give me the whole pie or die” lunatic… then you can win.  So identify the weakness, see where it is coming from (“I need grains” or “I need sugar”), and feed that weakness ever so slightly with something that satisfies.

For some of you, if you get the least taste of something you are craving, you then fall completely.  So for you, in the healing diet world, you need a replacement food.  For me it is ice cream, i love it!  So when I feel that surge of desire, i pull out a pint of heavy whipping cream, almond butter, peanut butter, 100% cocoa, and a little stevia or xylitol, and away we go!  That will usually completely satisfy me.  If not, add some coconut, and eventually breakdown to throwing some fruit in.

It might be that you could make an “english muffin” pizza, and never need to go get the whole pizza (much more will power is needed when there is a whole pizza staring at you)!

So choose to cheat, when it can save your diet.  Other diet plans can have a cheat day every week with little consequence, but then… that is why the healing diet results are so amazing.  Come hear all about it at the TOTAL FOOD MAKEOVER coming in October!

Dr. E

 So I have been trying to be VERY quiet all week long.  This sign here that says “Dr. Eric is resting his voice” is designed to do just that, create a restful environment for my voice.  Which really needs rest.

See it all started almost two weeks ago, my gym (The Garage, the CrossFit gym that I told you earlier this week that you are all going to come try out), had a huge event.  I got on the microphone at 8:45 that morning, and finally set it down at 4pm.  I talked non-stop, and for anyone who has had to try to be loud for 7 hours, you know it takes a toll on the voice.

Polish that day off with stporytelling in front of a bunch of kids for two sessions a day later, a doctor’s report, a Nutrition workshop (thanks to those who came), another doctor’s report, a GOAL setting workshop, and another day of heavy talking at church… equals throat destroyed.

So how does that turn into sickness(remember I call it expressing health, you call it sickness)?  Just talking too much surely cannot cause a sore throat and sickness!  Aah, but you see, it does.  As a matter of fact it is necessary to have some pre-emptive weakening of your system in order to have sickness.

You are carrying a ridiculous number of viruses and bacteria on and in your body.  It is well estimated, and pretty widely accepted, that the average person is carrying 10% of their body weight in viruses and bacteria.  So guess what, if you are NOT sick, then you are STRONG.  Well, relatively strong, at least stronger than all of the viruses and bacteria in your body, which is pretty cool.  Most of us, are winning that battle most of the time.

If you GERMS caused you to become sick, and not the WEAKNESS of your body, then you would be sick 100% of the time.  If you are sick a lot, then you are weak, meaning that you need more of what we have to offer.  This is important. So pay attention here; just because you are not sick, does not mean that you do not have other weakness in your body.  Immune system health is only one measure of your overall health, but it is an important one.

Back on track, so if your child is in a classroom with a bunch of kids, and one kid gets sick, and then five others get sick, but ten others do not.  What do you believe?  Most of you believe that those five were in closer proximity to that child than the other ten, to which I say GARBAGE.  The five were weaker than the others.  Here is a better example.  Your youngest child gets sick, then one of your other children get sick, as does one of the parents.  The other parent and another child do not get sick.  Guess what, most married adults sleep in the same bed, and the kdis are all over each other no matter what.  The germs were COVERING the two who did not get sick, yet they fought it off.  Because they were in a position of strength, not weakness.

So what makes you strong or weak?  Your nervous system is the most important thing, because it organizes the defense against the external coming internal.  Getting adjusted, and SLEEP are the most important components of your nervous system function, with stress right there.  Diet will weaken an immune system incredibly!  And even more so when there are abrupt changes in the diet, vs. simply a consistent bad diet.  I know, not fair, but I have witnessed that someone who eats well  will get punished by eating poorly, where that person who eats poorly all the time, can handle it much better.  Still, the reasons for eating well vs poorly are so huge, that it is a must!

So do yourself a favor, and don’t avoid germs, just avoid being weak.  God Bless, and have an awesome Labor Day!