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CNN recently reported that the 9th baby has died in California this year from Whooping Cough ( article).   What I found to be of more interest were the barrage of comments after the article, than the article itself.  The majority of people who posted were pro-vaccine, and they simply threw out comments like “that’s what you get for not vaccinating”, and “good job Jenny McCarthy and your autism fear mongering”.

Basically, the responses were pointing fingers at the group of people who are choosing not to vaccinate.  I can understand… it makes sense.  The article discussed the fact that there have been 4017 cases of whooping cough this year, which is more than any year since 1955.  It sure seems obvious that this is because of a lack of vaccination, and I agree that it probably is partially to blame, and I want to go in depth to help understand why that does or does not matter.

First off, for any individual, it is a 100% if it is your child who dies from a disease, or your child who dies from a vaccine reaction, or who develops autism.  Sometimes we get mired in the stats, and forget that if it is your child, grandchild, niece, neighbor… then the stats don’t matter anymore.  That being said, what stat is more favorable?

It is easy to say that it is more valuable to never get whooping cough in light of the article we are reading.  But how many infants got whooping cough and got over it just fine?  How many of those 9 infants that died were already vaccinated (you are scheduled to receive the Pertussis vaccine at two months)?  We rarely will see a report on whether the child is vaccinated or not.  So what do you think that means?  Yep, you guessed it, vaccinated!  If the child was unvaccinated, the article would say it, actually the article HEADLINE would say it.  So a vaccinated child, shortly after the vaccine, and immunity did not show up.

When I chose to not vaccinate my children, I thought about everything.  I considered what it meant to them to be and to not be vaccinated.  I considered what I thought God’s plan was when creating them, I considered what fears or concerns my wife and I would have with raising them.  In the end, I decided that the research pointed towards not vaccinating.  And primarily it was because the vaccine did not provide enough proof of immunity.

So here is the problem.  An immune system is something that can be strengthened or weakened based on choices. 


Yes that statement is very true, though reading what I have written in the past would make you think I am 100% against vaccine.  The reason I am not anti vaccine for everyone, is that there needs to be a choice for health along with that decision to not vaccinate.  I don’t believe vaccines are anywhere in God’s plan, btu I also don’t believe any food from McDonald’s is anywhere in God’s plan either.  If you choose not to vaccinate, but then you choose to pollute the body in other ways… then why didn’t you just vaccinate too?!?!  It makes no sense.

So the variable that you will never be able to get from an article about a child dying from Pertussis, is what was the health of that child like?  And even more important than the obvious, “he didn’t get sick often, had no known diseases”, is to understnad “he was put to bed at the exact same times four times a day, and was fed breast milk from his mother who was eating all natural organic foods, and he was nurtured and comforted throughout the day”, building his immune system in EVERY way.  We don’t get to know these details, and these are the details that matter.

Public Health policy is based on the least common denominator; so if there is some hope that vaccines will help, then give them, because people are weak, they make poor decisions, and they have no health on their own.  This is the mantality that rules public health policy.  The biggest problem with this, is that a policy like this is going to attempt to artificially induce health and strength.  Resulting in more secondary diseases, such as asthma, arthritis, and allergies; which are currently destroying our nations health.  I don’t have the room to go into details about why vaccines cause these types of conditions, but the rise of these and the relationship to vaccines has been well established by many different articles.

Coming back to the decision to or not to vaccinate, and the impact that it might have on your child or a child around you.  In the end, it is the wrong argument.  The most important argument is how do you treat health decisions every single day?  Charts of disease prevalence in the United States show that every infectious disease that we had faced in this country prior to the national vaccine plan was on the decline, a steay and rapid decline, before the vaccine program was ever introduced.

Health choice, not artificial immunity is the answer.  The current rise in Pertussis/Whooping Cough cases, is more related to poor health choice than lack of vaccine.  And it will continue to head that direction in a country who primarily get’s its dietary decisions from a Saturday morning commercial.

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Breast cancer “Awareness” is really important, as long as you are actually becoming aware of something valuable.  So I want to tell you what you need to know.

First – you don’t need to spend another dime on researching more radiation and chemo therapy treatments.  That research is well funded, and it is funded by the fact that pharmaceutical companies charge more for their treatments for cancer, than any other medication.  So be aware, perhaps the best place for dollars to go, is to support the lives of those fighting cancer, not to the rich companies who are getting rich over charging those people with cancer.

Second – There are some very importan risk factors that need to be understood… if awareness can exist at all, it surely needs to include the elevation of risk that comes from these few areas; and that will be the topic of discussion for the rest of this post.

Estrogen specific cancer.  Breast cancer is a very hormonally active cancer, women with higher estrogen have been shown to have a higher risk of breast cancer.  This risk has also been shown to be increased when you add estrogen to the body beyond what normally occurs.  The most notable is HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy, which is done for women in their pre-menopausal, and post menopausal stages of life.  These days almost everyone knows about the increased risk of breast cancer, yet many women still continue to receive supplementation to reduce hot flashes.

Another VERY common place where women increase their estrogen intake, and start this increased risk of breast cancer along at an early age, is birth control.  Birth control pills increase the estrogen in the blood stream, and thus increase the growth of any cancerous cells in the breast, thus can be a HUGE increased risk over many years. 

I recommend a great diet as the solution to HRT needs.  Our Healing Diet, or eating a Paleo diet will both aid significantly in reducing the risk of estrogen imbalance at menopause.  I also recommend birth control methods that invovle no drugs.  There are plenty of these options out there.  If you are 16 years old, and a doc puts you on birth control to balance your hormones because of menstrual headaches or cramping… then again, you need to change your diet.  What, the plan is to take a drug your entire life?  Ridiculous.

And the other major risk factor that has recently come under more fire in Dr. Mercola’s website, are antibiotics.  According to the Journal of The American Medical Association ARTICLE in 2004, antibiotic use is directly correlated to increased risk of breast cancer.  If breast cancer awareness is supposed to really impact lives, and save people.  Then this is the information that needs to be made AWARE! 

It infuriates me to consider that 90% of the people that will read this, have no idea that their routine use of antibiotics is going to INCREASE their own risk of cancer.  And not just breast cancer, but all cancer.  This is infuriating for one reason, control of news.  This hit the media, and actually made a front page USA Today mention, then its gone in an instant.  No investigations, no call to action, nobody with control of media stepping up to make a stand against our country’s routine and obnoxious use of antibiotics.

Be aware, pass this on, post a link to this article on facebook, and help save a life in October!  God Bless.

I have been on vacation with my father for the last few days, and as some of you know, he is a pharmacist.  It would seem that we would be at odds, but the truth is, you will rarely find a pharmacist who believes that medication is a good option.  They see the reality of the situation… individuals who are not taking steps towards health freedom, who stop in to do their GROCERY shopping in the drug store.  Obviously making poor decisions.

Anyways, he brought me a Pharmacy Times magazine to look at this week.  Specifically he wanted me to read an article about the number of overdose deaths that are happening in Florida each year.  This article specifically discusses the deaths due to pain medications.

Florida’s medical examiner reports that 2488 people died from prescription drugs, in Florida, in 2009.  This is an average of 7 deaths every single day.  I want you to understand, that these are ONLY the deaths that are directly attributed to taking a drug, and dying.  These aren’t the drugs that have slowly worn away someones liver, or kidneys… or slowly thinned or hardened an artery, like so many do!

Oxycodone was responsible for 1185 of these reported deaths, benzodiazapines follow closely behind with 1099 overdose deaths (overdose does not mean that overuse was intentional, nor that these were suicides, but rather that there was an unknown line being crossed).  The interesting thing about benzodiazapine deaths are that when you look them up on Wikipedia, the information that you find says that death from these drugs is very rare!  Tell that to the FL medical examiner! 

This class of drugs is primarily used to treat anxiety, a growing population in our current culture, and it is KNOWN to have increased effect when combined with any other depressant drug, such as alcohol.  Yet we continue to let these drugs be the primary method to treat anxiety, when ABC News reports studies have shown that exercise stops depression and anxiety.

The most well known drugs in this benzodiazepine grouping are Xanax and Valium, though they have been replaced by others for leading the way in total drug sales.  It is a scary proposition when you consider that the fastest growing area of adult medication, is for the lifestyle prescription of antidepressants.  If we continue to move in the direction that we are, then the number of deaths will only continue to grow, how could it do anything different?

We are constantly doing whatever we can to lead you into a place free from anxiety and depression, I believe the best way to live that life is to get adjusted, eat right, exercise, and know your God.  Anxiety and Depression effect many health conscious people who don’t know God, and many Christians whom I know, who don’t follow the chiropractic lifestyle have depression and anxiety issues.  The two together however, I do not see these disorders if you are on both tracts!

Join the path to mental health freedom, and invite your friends.  The world is a better place without mental health issues!!

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