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Better Health Starts Here

Our Mission is to help you find the Health that is within you, to aid you in being as well as you can be. We can help you express the vitality from within!
Welcome to Healthsprout!

Our Place in Your Life

With the unknowns of Health and Life, we are here to be a long term partner with you. With the uncertainties of The Affordable Healthcare Act, we believe it is unwise to do nothing. We believe that the truth is that you should act, and act with aggressive effort towards an answer of wellness. That you should drive yourself to a place of confidence. Knowing that your health has the best possible chance... enter HealthSprout.

The Daily Sprout

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?


Spinal misalignments in the Atlas or other areas of the spine will cause digestive dysfunction. Chiropractic care can help correct these misalignments and promote proper function.


Fatigue is commonly a result of hormone imbalance and can be helped/corrected with regular adjustments to the spine.  In addition, hormones can be corrected by proper diet and exercise, which we teach through our 60 Day Turnaround program.


Regular chiropractic care and adjustments will benefit help correct misalignments of the spine which interfere with proper liver function and detoxification.  We also offer classes on regular dietary detoxing which reduces cell inflammation.  

Women's Health

Women’s endocrine (hormone) system is very complex, and an imbalance can cause multiple symptoms. Proper spinal health will help maintain hormone balance. Chiropractic care has also been shown to provide an easier pregnancy and delivery for many patients.   Our office has had the opportunity to help dozens of patients get pregnant, who had previously been told it would be near impossible.

Weight Loss

Weight management is multifaceted. Proper nutrition and exercise are obviously essential. However hormonal, digestive, and metabolic function are all needed, which can all be negatively affected by spinal subluxation.  


Since 2009, our office has taught the 60 Day Turnaround program.  We teach that weight loss accomplished through hormonal correction is weight loss that will stick!

It can help with



“Benjamin, our 2 year old son had suffered from repeated ear infections since birth. Speech therapist continued [saying] he had fluid in his ears…he heard as if he were underwater! I took Benji with me to see Dr. Eric and since then Benji has not had another ear infection.”

— Laura B.

Hours of Service

MONDAY: 8am - 11:30am / 3:30pm - 6:30pm

TUESDAY: 10am - 3pm (by appointment only)
WEDNESDAY: 8am - 1pm/ 3pm - 6:30pm

THURSDAY:  12pm - 6:30pm
FRIDAY:  8:00am - 12:00pm
SATURDAY: 9am -12pm (by Appointment Only)


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